CAMPING VALIRA Rules of campsite

The Campsite has an internal regulation that every customer accepts at the time of registration or when requesting the reservation and that is mandatory.


Access to the facilities of the Campsite and the use of all its services are reserved for those who have previously contracted their stay. The Management reserves the right of admission and the power to cancel any contract with the client if the latter disturbs the peace, fails to comply with the elementary rules of coexistence with the other clients and/or is directed in a derogatory manner to any other client or staff of the Campsite. In the event that the Management is forced to expel a customer or customers from the Campsite for the above cases, in no case will it be entitled to any compensation or refund of the amounts already paid.


The Camping staff is at the disposal of the clients to attend to them personally and inform them about the services offered by the Camping and the area. Feel free to request any information you deem appropriate.


Customers must sign the registration contract at the reception at the time of their arrival, indicating exactly the number of people and all those elements or items that are subject to the camping fees. Any modification must be communicated to Reception immediately and the difference arising from the initial contract will be paid. The holder of the registration must be of legal age and will be responsible for all acts and damages that may be caused by him or his companions. The stay will be paid in full at the time of registration to the Campsite.



  • High season: From 12:30 to 22:30.

  • Low season: From 08:00 to 22:30 (as long as your occupation allows).

The site may only be occupied once registration has been made and it is totally forbidden to change the assigned site without first communicating or verifying it with the reception staff.


  • High season: Before 12:00.

  • Low season: Before 15:00 (prior validation at reception).


Check-in: From 16:00 to 22:30.

You will only be able to occupy the listing once you have registered with Reception and your listing number has been assigned to you. The placement of any type of element (tent, hammock, etc.) on the terraces of the bungalows is not allowed. Homes have an inventory of all utensils. Notify the Reception of the lack of any of the utensils if this is provided for within the contract. Listings include linens and towels for the number of people each listing identifies. For stays of more than 8 nights, a change of linens and towels will be carried out per week. Any customer may request a change of towels upon receipt of payment of the stipulated amount.

Each listing has an assigned parking space and can only use the designated parking space. Only one vehicle is allowed per home.

Check-out: Before 12:00.

The cleaning of the bungalow is included in the price with the exception of the boat or kitchen utensils that must be left clean and collected. Garbage bags should be removed from the listing and thrown into the appropriate trash cans before leaving the listing.

The card that opens the accesses to the campsite has an associated deposit of 5€ that will be paid exclusively in cash at the time of registration. This same amount will be returned at the time the customer leaves the campsite and delivers the card. In case of loss, oblivion or breakage, the deposit will not be returned.


On arrival at the Campsite you will have to pay all or the outstanding amount of your stay. This payment may be made only in cash or with a VISA or Mastercard payment card. In the case of reservations, the total amount to be paid will be the total of the entire stay contracted regardless of whether the client decides not to exhaust the contracted period. This fact will not entitle you to any kind of return or compensation.

Cheques and holiday cheques are not accepted.


Visits that have previously been registered with the Reception and paid the stipulated amount are allowed, if so indicated by the campsite staff. Visitors are not allowed to enter vehicles if they need to park the vehicle outside the campsite.


Between 00:00 and 07:00, silence must be respected for the benefit of all customers and it is not allowed to use vehicles. Likewise, the use of equipment for washing dishes, laundry and all those services that may disturb the rest of the customers is not allowed.

The volume of music, TVs, or any other device should be at an appropriate volume throughout the day. From 00:00 onwards, no type of device may be used other than those mentioned above. Management reserves the right to prohibit its use at any time if it adversely affects the peace of mind of other customers.


Vehicle traffic is allowed between 07:00 and 00:00. The speed may not exceed 10 km/h. Outside these opening hours, access to the campsite is closed and the circulation of vehicles is prohibited. In the case of having scheduled departure before 07:00 or arriving after 00:00, the vehicle must be parked outside the campsite and in no case will the entry or exit of any vehicle be allowed.

Vehicles will only be allowed to circulate during this strip in the event of a previously authorized emergency.

It is not allowed to use unoccupied locations or areas not authorized to park vehicles.


It is the customer's responsibility that the electrical connection cables or fittings are in a prefect state. You may be removed from the electricity contract in the event that falls caused by the poor condition of the items listed above are detected.

Every customer can choose between three power types: 3 Ampers (660W), 6 Ampers (1320W) or 10 Ampers (2200W) if it has been previously reported to reception and this has been validated. The Management reserves the right to limit the maximum power to be contracted in case of maximum occupancy, to avoid overloading the power grid or for reasons of force majeure.

Some locations require more than the need for long cables in order to reach the points of light.

The reception has the possibility of loaning cables or adapters by paying a deposit of €20 in cash that will be returned once the loan is restored at the same reception. This possibility is subject to the number of items available at that time. Failure to return, damage or breakage of the borrowed item shall mean non-return of the deposit.


There are different water points marked as‘ DRINKING WATER ’which are for exclusive use of water collection. It is absolutely forbidden to use these water points for cleaning utensils, personal or animal cleaning, as well as cleaning vehicles or bicycles, among others. The Campsite has two spaces for cleaning kitchen utensils or clothes suitable for this use. In the case of vehicles, the campsite does not have specific cleaning points.


Bungalows: Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the bungalows or on their terraces.

Camping: Dogs are allowed on the sites as long as this does not generate any inconvenience or problem towards the other customers. Dogs should always be tied up and can never be left alone without the supervision of the owners.


The Campsite has a barbecue and picnic area at its guests' disposal. Its use implies that it leaves the space clean and collected once its use has ended.

The use of own-use barbecues on the sites is permitted. The Management reserves the right to delete or prohibit this permission whenever it deems it necessary or for the common good, either individually towards a customer or in general throughout the Campsite.


Both the heated swimming pool and the Jacuzzi are for the exclusive use of Camping customers. Both the pool and the jacuzzi do not have lifeguard services and are not monitored. In the pool you will find all indications when you go to emergency services and services. Bathing for minors without the supervision of their parents or legal guardians is completely prohibited.

Pool hours are between 10am and 8pm. It is totally forbidden to bring food and drinks inside the pool enclosure, as well as the use of elements such as balls, air mattresses or other elements of the same type. All those indications, recommendations or prohibitions that you will find distributed by the water enclosure are of mandatory compliance.


The use of this facility is exclusively for children between 2 and 10 years of age provided that they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. This space has no surveillance and the Campsite declines all responsibility to parents or legal guardians who are responsible for the safety of the children at all times.


The Campsite has washing machines and dryers available to guests. The client can purchase the tokens for use at the price stipulated by the Management in the Supermarket. The Campsite is not responsible for any damage or damage that the garments may suffer.

Laundry hours are from 10:00 to 22:00, and their use outside these hours is totally prohibited to encourage and respect the rest of the customers.


The Campsite has at the entrance of the enclosure a space for selective garbage collection. Please help us to respect the environment by using the appropriate buckets to dispose of the trash, and never in locations, bungalows or in any area not enabled by this assumption. You will find special containers for the collection of plastics, paper, glass and the rest.


The Management is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage that may occur during your stay at the Campsite. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure their personal belongings or items that they may have, as well as to ensure that the home or rooms are properly enclosed without valuables in sight.

The Campsite does not have any service of hire of safes or spaces for these assumptions.


Every customer has the obligation to preserve, take care of and maintain all facilities and accessories in perfect condition. Any damage or wreckage caused shall be borne by the customer if the Management deems it appropriate.

With the aim of improving facilities and services, please let us know of any anomalies you detect by going to the campsite reception. There you can make any suggestion or complaint you deem appropriate.

Every customer has the right to access the complaint form available to the Campsite. It is the responsibility of the client to fill in this sheet and send it to the Trade and Consumption Unit (Camí de la Grau, Prat del Rull building, 4th floor, of Andorra la Vella) or to any of the tourist offices of the Principality of Andorra. This procedure can also be carried out through the website

We thank you for your cooperation in complying with this regulation and wish you a pleasant stay at Campsite Valira.